We have the Branding
experience down to a Science.


Building a unified brand messaging
system is a commitment!

As the social and digital media landscape gets increasingly competitive, it’s crucial to clearly convey your business’s focus, credibility, and unique contributions to deliver a unified brand experience.

The KO+Lab™ was developed by our founder TheKristionne to cultivate meaningful partnerships needed to build the messaging system to distribute your brand’s story consistently.


Social Media Strategy + Management

Each brand is unique, therefore, each system is equally unique. 


Agent of record



Ecosystem audit + Roadmap


Social Media Strategy + Management

Small Business Options

Our most basic services offered are posting content, interacting with engagement, and monitoring for mentions.

Fees for basic services can range from $250-$500 per social profile per month on the low end for a small business.

Agent of Record

Fees for full social media management can range from $2,500-$5,000 (or more) per month.

Ecosystem Audit + Roadmap

TheAudit is a comprehensive assessment of your place in the digital world and every aspect of your brand ecosystem. Based on our proprietary framework, TheAudit focuses on the 6 pillars of brand success: Your brand’s abilities, audience, experience, foundations, model, and journey. The results become the foundation of your strategic plan to execute the ultimate unified brand experience.